Well... oh boy, what is my chance of being pregnant?


This is hard to say...

Well, he did .... you know... inside me, but, he definitely did on the outside, and I didn’t clean it fast enough. I’m almost certain he managed to get some inside me.

I took the day after pill (plan b one step) and didn’t feel anything till the next day, when I had the worst cramps of my life.

I did some research and the pill’s website said that if I missed my period by five days, I need to see a doctor... I’m already on the night of day three. I did things to try and induce my period (a hot bath and parsley tea) but I’m just not bleeding...

I’m honestly scared. What do I do?


I forgot to mention... the potential father wants nothing to do with me other than a booty call, and I’m afraid to tell him that there could still be a chance that I could have taken the pill to late