9 weeks 5 days. ❤️❤️ pregnancy is a miracle!


Honestly when I fell pregnant I kept entertaining the idea that something bad may happen and not to get my hopes up. Everyone I’ve told so far that I’m pregnant have had really negative feedback. “It’s too early to tell anyone...” “have an ultrasound it could be ectopic” “are you checking for down syndrome at 10 weeks??” “This percentage of babies are lost in the first 12 weeks...” “Are you sure the pregnancy test was clear??”. IT GOT ME SO DOWN AND SO MAD.... To tears on a daily basis. But once I saw my little baby and she told me it’s heartbeat was healthy (171) and I could see it moving. I cried and all of my worries and anger just faded. I don’t care what the gender is I just feel so blessed that it’s healthy and growing.

Don’t listen to negativity. I don’t understand how some women can talk that way to expecting mothers. It baffles me. Positivity is key. REGARDLESS of what the percentages or possibilities are. Negativity will never help.

Ladies loosing your baby is not your reality right now. Right now you are pregnant and a little baby is growing inside of your body. THAT is the reality. Tell who you like. And heaven forbid if anything happens to your little blessing then we will deal with that reality when it comes. And you will have your loved ones to comfort you. But that is not your reality to entertain. Don’t even think about it. ❤️

PS. I think it’s a little girl. 🌸