Surprise sexy night... maybe?


It is too much to want one night with my hubby, where it's not a 5min quicky? I wanna wear the super lacy undie I got from OVER a year (tags still on), buy some semi naughty stuff (foods,oils/lubs), and manage to PRY him away from his video game long enough. The new DLC (downloadable content) for his game came out, so it is wrong to try to set this up? I'm 5 months pregnant, feeling super confident in my body, and negeticted🙃. He plays at least 5 hours M-F, steady full time+ job, amazing daddy for our two year old(who's going to glad for the night) and is oblivious I'm here between work and game work. Sex only happens once MAYBE twice a month in the morning before anything (which it's ok, Id prefer not getting my workout done before 6am) Any suggestions or comments? Am I'm being a needy hormonal wife? Am I asking too much? Am I just not attractive or is he seriously that oblivious?