Is "beauty shaming" real?

Catharine • There are two ways to behave: as if nothing is a miracle...or as if everything is. -Einstein
There's a lot about slut shaming, body shaming, etc in the media. Some models and industry professionals have been quick to fire back "skinny shaming is a thing too!"
Can beauty shaming hurt as much as any other kind? I can only speak from my own experience. I've gained 100 lbs (and lost 80 back again) since I modeled. In this new face and body, nobody calls my outfit (when they really mean my figure) "too sexy", people don't sexually assault or attempt to sexually assault me in public or private, nobody drugs or attempts to drug my drinks, tries to force sexual contact on me, speculates on me getting my job by performing sexual favors on the boss, threatens to beat me up if I talk to their boyfriend, stalks me and has to be pulled out of my bushes by police, threatens to kill me if I don't date them, and so on. 
Then again, nobody gives me free stuff just for showing up, follows my Social media and watches my videos by the millions no matter how short and poorly made they are, wants to be my friend so they can be seen hanging hanging around with me, or is there to support me "No matter what" long as you're beautiful and pretending to care gets me a shot with you, in other words. 
Is beauty shaming real? Or is it all just the same problem of women's looks seeming to matter more than our accomplishments?