is my ex boyfriend a total dick?

so today i went and surprised my ex at his house cuz were still friends with benefits because we love each other but I just decided i can’t be with him. So we hadn’t talked in a couple days and i showed up to his house, and everything was great and we had sex. I had to go meet my family somewhere then i texted him if he could meet up with me later tonight because i’ve been super depressed and having suicidal thoughts and I really needed him. He texts me saying he can’t because his best friend is over and they’re playing video games. I know we didn’t have plans but i was sobbing and really needed to see him and I kept telling him and he said he won’t ditch his friend who he sees almost everyday. I kept calling and he just wouldn’t answer. Is he just a dick or was it unreasonable for me to expect him to see me when i’m very depressed??