friend with benefits wants me to leave my boyfriend

first of all, please do not comment any hateful responses, we all have our fair share of things we have done that we are not proud of, right now I am truly just looking for help. I've been with my boyfriend almost 2 years, we live together. I've been seeing this FWB for about a year before I started dating my boyfriend then we took a break up until 3ish months ago when I started having an affair. I work with him so we never lost touch throughout the years. he has told me multiple times to leave my boyfriend and just hang out with him instead. last night we had sex then went to go see star wars at the movies, on our way there he sarcastically said "this sounds like a date to me" and I was like "well we don't have to go" and he said "it just sucks you have a boyfriend.. but hey.. anything can happen". we usually just sit and talk for hours and kiss a bit, we don't have sex every time we are together. he likes to cuddle and hold my hand and kiss me goodbye but does this guy actually like me? like do you think he actually wants to take over the role of being my boyfriend or just hook up with me without having to worry about him?