Bicornuate Uterus

I️ had to go the ER yesterday due to some heavy bleeding as I️ am only 6 weeks pregnant. I️ only had alittle back pain when this happened. The Er noticed my cervix was closed but there was alittle blood still. The cervix being closed was a very good sign. They sent me in for an ultrasound and that concluded I️ have a bicornuate uterus. We did get to see the baby’s heartbeat of 113 bpm. Baby is looking good and located on my left side of Uterus. They noticed I️ had a possible hemorrhage on right side and that is where they see some blood. Not sure how this happened but since baby is on left side that it does not affect baby. They also noticed a cycst in left ovary. Has anyone here had a bicornuate Uterus and everything went smooth? I️ go to my dr Tuesday now and he told me to take it easy and the biggest thing is possible preterm.