So sick of my husband... long rant😡


Ladies, I'm so sick of my husband right now!!! I'm 34w/3d pregnant, delivering at 36 weeks. So we don't have much time. I'm trying to get everything done. Freezer meals, keep the house clean, get stuff ready for baby, plus all the normal stuff! We have 2 toddlers, so it's a full time job. He is always saying he will help me. Yet every time I ask for help, he either ditches me or complains about it until I get upset and do it myself. I needed help today with the kids, while I did freezer meals. He decides last night to go hunting today. So I did it myself. I seriously just want to knock him in the head. Not to mention, he doesn't listen to a word I say! I told him, no visitors because it causes more work for me. Especially his slob brother. What does he do?! Invites his brother over. 😡