TWW!! Cycle buddies AF due 23rd

kesha • Twin Mommy 3.14.20 Audri & 👼🏽Aubri(3.24.20) |1/04/14💏 |one furbaby|PCOS

Hey Ladies anyone in the dreaded TWW!!? i am i havent been trying to symptom spot i wasnt planning this at all.. i honeslty gave up on TTC after 3yrs no luck. i had a obgyn appt on the 14th for a check up and my doctor did a ultrasound because i told him i had been having a lot of stinging in my boobs and cramps. he said the lining of my uterus was thickening. so he wants me to come back in Two weeks to see if i am indeed preggers. he said its to early to detect! but also ordered a blood pregnancy test in which i will do monday.. im pretty calm this time because we wernt trying just having alot of sex..i only noticed huge veins in boobs wetter than usual down there an nausea spells. and bloating ! but i want us all to be a bunch of Supporting women in this wait so please share your symptoms period DUE DATE and how long youve been trying! && if you already have kids whats some advice idk i just need to keep sane lol

baby Dust to all ! ill make sure to add names once youve gotten your BFPS