Symptoms and no BFP


I am about 10 days past ovulation. I have felt weird for a week now. At first my uterus felt full. Odd to describe. Now I have had all day nausea, mild, for days. I have a hard time brushing my teeth without wanting to get sick. I have also had sporadic cramping for days. I had light bleeding last Wednesday. I have tested the last 2 days and negative. I’m annoyed that I feel pregnant but can’t get a positive. In my mind I feel like there isn’t a chance I can’t be.

I should note this is our first month trying for our second child. Our first took 9 months and a miscarriage to conceive. Never did I imagine it was possible for it to happen the first month.

I’m looking for others experiences in this. Anyone convinced and been right? Any convinced and been wrong?