I feel bad :/

Cora • Girl Mom | Irish Twins | Rainbow Baby 2021

I haven’t been able to work due to pregnancy and how bad my morning sickness got. And I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where no one wants to hire me :/

I counted the gifts under the tree and so far my boyfriend has 4 bags/boxes under there. I’m still working on one. I feel bad because he ordered so many things for me and they’re all coming in the mail so that’ll add more for me under the tree.

He knows I’ve been trying to find a job and he even told me that he doesn’t want much for Christmas. But i still feel bad.

Honestly I think the best gift I could’ve given him was our baby girl. She’ll be here in March. That’s all he probably could’ve wanted to begin with. I did get a gift card to Walmart so I might use the rest of that this week to find more small things for him.