What would you do? Car seat dilemma

Natalie • Currently a surrogate for a wonderful couple due 3/25/21 💗 Became a mom to a boy on 11/28/15 ❤️ and to a girl on 11/23/17 😊

I need some help. My brother in law has a 2 year old daughter and he still uses her infant car seat in the car...this is a regular infant car seat that is also probably expired (was previously used by a family member). I'm pretty sure he knows it's not the correct car seat but uses it anyways. His daughter has fully outgrown it. I saw them today for the first time in a few months and he put her in it. Her legs and her head were sticking out of it! I feel like I should have said something but I didn't feel like it was my place and was hoping my husband would say something to him but he didn't.

Should I say something to him next time I see him? Not sure how to handle this because I know people get really defensive about being told how to parent and I don't want to cause drama in the family but i also don't want my niece to be hurt because she's in the wrong car seat. Help.

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