Would you send her to her room?


So my “bf” gets mad when we’re in the living room talking or whatever and my 6 year old daughter comes out of the bedroom from playing to be with us. She doesn’t like to be left alone in a room. And the room is not completely comfortable to her. Or me for that matter. (We’ve been at his house (an old trailer)) It has always been just her and I. He says she does it every single time him and I are alone together. He says she’s just being nosey. And I need to tell her to go back to her room. He makes it awkward so I go back in the room with her so she can play. He gets sarcastic and says things like “let me know the next time you’re allowed out here again” or something implying that she’s the boss. If I’m in the room doing whatever she plays fine by herself knowing I’m there. Would you send her to her room so you could spend time alone with him or allow her to stay out with you if the conversation is appropriate and she can play out there.

I feel like sending her to her room alone where she isn’t comfortable is selfish. There’s no need to force her away. If it’s that serious of a conversation it can wait until she’s asleep.

He also says that she plays in the room by herself all the time. But I do not recall.

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