Pre Ejaculation/Pregnant

I know I know.. There is alot of different info out there about whether or not you can get pregnant from pre ejaculation. Here I am with my question.. I'm just so confused. Yes hubby and I had intercourse, I rode him dirty

but we didn't finish.

In the middle of it we just said Ehhh let's try later... *Okay it didn't go down like that but we just didn't finish.* This all happened before Thanksgiving.. right afterwards I went on a salt binge... I believe I've already eating 10 bags of Salted Pretzels since then😲😲 no lie. Then I started to notice my breast are tender when I wake up. Then came the week of DO NOT MESS WITH ME!

I was such a bitch and moody and a emotional wreck! I'm so happy that finally stopped! But oh oh wait we can't forget the fact I started to get nauseated with everything I smelt! And it's not just that, I also get grossed out with every little thing and this is not like me.. I love Gore and Gruesome things!

Ahhhh so now here I am stumped thinking I'm pregnant off of pre ejaculation! Seriously... And I take birth control pills on top of other medications! So if I am this will be a horrible mess! I'm not sure if Birth Control pills will mess with pregnancy tests for when I test myself here soon because I'm suppose to start any day now. And when we had sex I didn't have my birth control at the time. Oh FML!