Acynclitic birth


So my first born got caught acynclitic during labor, or maybe before my midwife didn’t tell me, and he was sunny side up. For those of you that don’t know(An asynclitic birth or asynclitism refers to the position of a baby in the uterus such that the head of the baby is presenting first and is tilted to the shoulder, causing the fetal head to no longer be in line with the birth canal.)

(Lots of things I would have done differently). ANYWAY!

My question is anyone else have them happen to them? I am pregnant with baby #2 and just curious if this has happened to people the second time around also? I was told it’s a high possibility of it happening again by my doctor, since I was previously opened up this way by my first, and I’ll PROBABLY have to have a cesarean again. PleAse fill me in.