SILs comments at our christmas lunch..

So, my SIL made 2 comments which i didnt really say anything but im wishing i had cause im now thinking about it getting annoyed. First thing she said, my daughter is 6, not my husbands kid, my child from previous relationship... she was sooking in her bedroom cause she tripped on wrapping paper and hurt her knee but was making a big scene over it. SIL said "im about to go smack her out of it in a minute" ... but didnt say anything when her son told my other child she is a loser and smells. In fact she laughed and told my daughter to stop being so soft. The other thing she said was we were talking about ancestry and i said how my familys anccestors were german... she said "now i know what your problem is, germans are the most arrogant people in the world " then when i said are u calling me arrogant she said no and everyone else was like umm yeah you are saying she is and she started laughing... i know its a bit late now but i just feel so annoyed that me and my kids are getting talked to like this. does this happen to other people in families or am i the only one