Husbands mad at Christmas?

We got a lot of money instead of gifts this year because we’re newly married and have one income so things are tight. We got the same amount from everyone except my mom who gave me $100 and didn’t give money to my husband.

Now hear me out, she wasn’t being unfair. I’m in desperate need of new bras that are about $50 a piece for my size. A few weeks ago she told me she was going to give me$100 so I could get 2 brasand be able to switch between the two. I joked and said wait and make it more christmasy! I figured the store would be having an after Christmas sale anyway.

My husband in a fit of Hangryness earlier asked me in a tone how much money I had gotten. I told him and he acted offended that my mom had given me $100 but refused to admit it upset him.

I know it’s “our money” but that $100 was given to me for an express purpose. Other than that we got the same amount each from everyone else. Now I feel guilty. Should I?