Boyfriends family didn’t get me anything...


Before people attack me for being selfish or something, understand that I don’t need material things. A phone call, text, card would be just fine by me. What is bothering me is the fact we were both asked what we wanted/needed prior to this event and this isn’t the first time it has happened.

I’m 38 weeks pregnant with our first child. My boyfriends family, namely his mother, has not been even remotely involved nor interested. Yesterday (December 24) was my birthday and today is obviously Christmas. About two weeks ago my boyfriend asks me what to tell his mom to get me. I said if she really insists on getting me something gift cards would be awesome so I can re stock on some “luxury” skin care/make up items after baby comes. We don’t have the money for me to spend on that stuff so being able to buy it would be an amazing treat to myself. Today he came to my family Christmas, was given gifts by my parents and brothers. He goes to his parents alone (drive was too long for me, sitting in the car hurts a lot right now and I’ve been throwing up a lot). We meet back at home a couple hours ago and he has just a box of chocolate and some cookies. He said that they were our gift from his family. His mother, father and brother bought both of us a 5$ box of chocolate and cookies. Now, I’m cool with cookies, but currently not seeing as I’m so sick. We bought them all gifts. I’m also less than two weeks away from being induced with their first grandchild. His family has never included me, actually his mother is the main one. For the first year of our relationship I didn’t meet her because every time we made plans she would last minute cancel. His father didn’t even know I existed nor that i was pregnant when I finally met him when I was 25 weeks. I haven’t brought up the lack of birthday wishes/card/gift with my boyfriend as I don’t know how to approach it. Mind you his mother also refused to come to the baby shower because it “was all white people” (she is Indian).

So basically, aside from this being a vent, i want to know others views on this. Should i be offended and upset like I am? I just wish that she would want to be involved in our lives since we are having a child so soon.