Making up for lost time...

It’s come to my attention, many people hate me, because my father’s really trying with me. We didn’t have a relationship while I was growing up. He’s now elderly, and trying to give back to me as much as possible. I don’t know what to do. I wanted to move across country to live on my own.

He trapped me by forcing me to take pain killers, Xanax, etc... as a child. He admitted for the first time this thanksgiving that he screwed my life up after over a decade of excuses.

He bought me a house, paid in full with cash. I have so many mixed emotions, at first I told him I couldn’t accept it. I knew he would have trouble selling it because he didn’t review the area, so I agreed to live in it. Since I moved in, he refused to give me a lease and let me will not let me pay property taxes. It’s his home. People tell me to just leave and do what I would like.

Problem is, I have a baby on the way & the hubbys job keeps us in this location for at least another year. He hasn’t done much for me before. I just can’t understand why other’s would hate me. I don’t want any of his help or this house, but he’s getting old. He doesn’t want to sell the house and his mental health seems to be deteriorating, seems almost (pray it’s not) Alzheimer’s. It’s filling me with resentment, but a freaking house is such a generous gift.

How do I tell him I need to be completely independent? He freaks out and gets so mad I’m afraid he may hurt himself.