Stomach/Pelvic soreness?

AnnaMarie • I`m AnnaMarie. Married 10/14/2017, and our son was born 7/20/2018. 💙

So I’m 9w5d pregnant and for the past week I’ve been having some soreness in my belly and pelvis. It started on my left side where my ovary is. It wasn’t really a cramp, although sometimes I do get random short cramps. I mainly feel it when I press on my belly or pelvis, but it’s more like the feeling of sore muscles the day after a good workout. When it does turn into a cramp, it’s in my abdomen and it is very short lived. I should note I have been constipated and I have had an upper respiratory infection for the past week and a half. So a lot of this could be from being constipated and from coughing so much. I also read that you can get kind of sore when your uterus stretches? I really don’t think it’s a miscarriage cuz I’m still having symptoms and I’ve had absolutely no spotting but this is my first pregnancy and I have very high anxiety as is so I just wanted some opinions from you ladies! Knowing what it could be OTHER than a miscarriage will greatly help me calm down.