Does any other mommy feel this way?

Lena • Mom of four 😳 pregnant with baby girl ☺️

I have four kids. I'm 36. I absolutely love my family! Four month ago I found out I was pregnant. .. and it was a shock. We were... done. But, there is nothing sweeter than babies. I am happy...I mean, I know I will be. Right?

I even took pics of a newborn today (photographer,) and I thought I would get excited after holding her and positioning her and.... I wasn't. It made me worried. My oldest is 15 & youngest is 10... I really hope I will see baby girl and all this will just be unneeded anxiety... because as soon as I hold her I will feel differently right??

Any one else feeling not connected to what is happening in your body?

How could I look at this all day and not be excited about my own coming in 5mths??