I think I’m going to get it removed (paragard)


I just got my iud like maybe a month or two ago but I feel it’s not worth it. Ever since I’ve got it I feel bloated from my entire belly. I feel like I retain a lot of water. Cramps. Back pain like in the tailbone area. I kinda miss my old normal body behavior. I got it due to the fact I was in a serious relationship and wanted to avoid the chance of pregnancy but we recently spilt due to differences between us. I appreciate it having my little friend and I don’t . I was going 7 months strong without sex before my recent ex. It not like I need it in place. I just I don’t know if its worth it. It makes me want to be more reckless now that I’m single knowing I have such a small risk of getting pregnant. I don’t like that lol

what do you guys think? Anyone feel the same ???