Have to gush a bit...


My boyfriend Jeff and I have been dating for nearly a year, but this is our first Christmas together. His mother very kindly invited me over to their house to celebrate with them after I had spent the morning with my own family. Well when I went to his house this afternoon to join his family for Christmas dinner, Jeff sits me down in a big soft recliner and says that we’ll do his mom’s gift first. His mother hands me this huge bag that smells absolutely AMAZING. I open it up and inside is all this stuff from Bath and Body works, as well as a framed photo of Jeff and I. I’m smiling like an idiot and thank her profusely. Then Jeff hands me another bag that he says is from his grandmother, which is full of candy that I like, and again, I thank everyone because they definitely did NOT have to do all of this for me. Then Jeff says it’s time for me to open his gift, and he hands me the last bag.

This bag. My mouth hangs open as I open it up, and inside the box in a little bag, is this beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet.

He knows that sapphires are my favorite stone, and he told me that he wanted to find something that matched my favorite necklace (although my necklace isn’t real gemstones). I felt so loved and blessed to have this amazing man in my life and his family be so kind and welcoming to me. I’m just so happy.