😢 Sister in law announced she is pregnant.

Amber • Wife💏Vegan🐮Entrepreneur💸Rainbow Baby🌈 Due 1/4/19🙏

Today my husbands sister who has a 6 & 3 year old announced that she is 7 weeks pregnant with her 3rd. It’s very hard on me because I had a miscarriage on September 1st and still have yet to tell my husbands side of the family. I’ve been bugged by my aunt this year asking when we will have kids, and today by my pregnant sister in law. When people ask I just feel my face drop and all I can answer is “when it happens it will happen.” I’ve been wanting to share on Facebook that we lost our first baby, but I am not sure where to start. I figured we would wait until we were pregnant again and announce that we are having a rainbow baby, but I’m not pregnant yet and I feel like I cant keep it a secret. That baby meant so much to me, I am so sick of pretending like it never happened and having to answer people awkwardly when they ask. It took everything in me today not to just burst out and say that we had a miscarriage throughout all of the excitement and joy over my sister in laws pregnancy. Have any of you announced it on Facebook, and where do you begin? How do you tell your in laws months later?