Early AM pump sessions really are the way to go! 5oz!


So I usually pump down stairs whenever I get up out of bed, start some laundry, nurse DD and then I pump. However my sister is coming to visit for a week and I decided to move my pump up to the bedroom (so as not to have awkward pumping sessions lol) This morning when hubby was getting ready for work I decided to try pumping cause I was feeling “full” (5 week old sleep for 5 hours straight 🙌🏻). So after I nursed DD on right side (I nurse one side at a time) I pumped right side for 15 mins and got about 2 oz. then I switched to left side and got 3 more oz in like 5 mins!! Lol it was awesome! Usually I only get 2oz at a time period!! 💃💃💃🤱