I think my step mother likes to remind me I'm a guest


I'm 15 so it's not like I'm an adult living with my dad and step mom. I stopped visiting my dad for awhile because of family issues. I came back on Christmas day for the first time in a long time and went to my bedroom. Everything was gone. They had moved all my stuff to the basement and turned my room into a playroom for my younger half sister. The basement is unfinished so it's not like I have a room down there. Then later that night after we were done opening gifts, my step mother asked if I would go though her dresser. I was confused, but then she was like the one I used here. She told me she wanted to give it to my half sister because her current dresser took up to much space in her room. My dad didn't do anything. He never does. I hate coming to my dad's so much because of my step mother.