I went in........⚠️ ⚠️⚠️

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-to PRETERM LABOR last night on Christmas 🎄. It was very frightening and painful. I am only 30w6d technically 31 weeks now. I started feeling the contractions the day before and didn’t think that I was actually going into labor so I toughed it out with my SO and called my doctor’s nurse estimatedly, at around 1:30am. She was on call and didn’t get back to me until about 6:30 that morning. By that time, I had already suffered 2 hours of what I didn’t know were warning signs of Preterm Labor. Basically she advised me to go to the hospital since Braxton-Hicks weren’t supposed to be so painful and so close together. My contractions were at least 2-5 minutes apart and were very strong and painful. A dull aching almost menstrual period cramp is what I was experiencing times 10. The pain even shot through my left leg and my back. I was literally crying. I was able to fall asleep by my SO as he comforted me.

The next day which was yesterday, I felt a little nauseous upon getting up to get myself together for the Christmas Day. Thought it was just hunger but turns out it is an actual warning ⚠️ for preterm labor. Anywho, I was able to eat and started feeling a little better. After eating, I started having those “familiar “ contractions again. “Oh no”....told my SO and he comforted me. As they started getting more painful and frequent, I decided it was time to go to the HOSPITAL. Made it to L&D; in the emergency 🚨 room and was taken upstairs immediately in a hurry. Lol. All the people made way like I was about to deliver and the nurse pushing me the wheelchair actually said, “I might get to deliver a baby tonight”....😰😰😰(Noooooo lol is all I could think because I’m so early I’m afraid I don’t want my little man to have issues and be made to stay in NICU😞...) I was hooked up to the contractions monitor for a while maybe 15 minutes or less and the doc came in and said, “I’m going to give you this shot to help slow down and stop your contractions. You’re getting them pretty fast girl”....😱😱😱I was like wtff lol I was so nervous and scared and in pain. Pain level ranged from 8-10 the entire time. The contractions slowed down mildly but started to come back 10–5 minutes later so she came back in with another shot😱🤬those shots BURN like hell seriously...they felt worser than the contractions lol...Longer story shorter lol, they can give the shot up to 3 times. I had gotten two and I was still contracting. Doc came in and gave me Percocet for pain as I was screaming in pain. Told me I could go home and rest and to follow up and of course, come back if needed. I felt somewhat horrible still after making it home and after the shots and pain medication. I’m lost for words now because I am still afraid I may deliver him early. I’m still feeling somewhat the same contractions as I type.. Jesus I’m tired Gals I just want my baby boy to be ok...

Sorry for the long story

**Also, those shots to stop labor make your heart race and that doesn’t help with already being nervous**

Jesus please help me make it to a later delivery day....🙏🏾