Nothing on the Ultrasound- update #2


Update #2: got my HCG levels back and I’m over 7000!! Going back in to get an ultra sound next week! ❤️ praise the Lord! I feel so much better. Thank you all for the encouragement and well wishes

Update #1:Great news!! I just heard back and my HCG levels were around 450, so I’m just very early but confirmed pregnant!!

Im back at the office now getting another HGC test to see if my levels have been rising. Based on how much darker my HPT have been getting I’d say yes!!

Original: I had an ultra sound last week at my first OB apt because we weren’t sure when my last period was. She did both types (vaginal ultrasound after the belly failed). There was NOTHING! The tech said i just look really early and have nothing to worry about, but i cannot stop worrying there is nothing there.

- when we got home we took two more tests and BOTH super positive.

-no bleeding! Just lots of fatigue and sore breasts.

Anyone else have this experience? Should i be freaking out?