Dyeing my hair soon!


Hey guys so I’m dyeing my hair this week (I’m a cosmetologist don’t worry I know what I’m doing). I was originally gonna do most of my hair but do a color melt and leave abt 3 inches of my natural color but the more I look at this beautiful color the more I think I should dye all of it.. my bf told me a while back I should go for it (I’ve always dyed either my ends or half my hair not the whole thing.. and he’s gonna be graduating from bootcamp in two weeks so I’m really tempted to just go big!! Here’s me and here’s the color I’m going for what do you guys think?

UPDATE: thank you everyone for the positive feedback it empowered me to go for it!! And I am soooo glad I did. Trying to take pictures doesn’t even do it justice. And the lighting in my house is terrible but I managed to open the curtains and get some sunlight and OMG I LOVEEE THIS COLOR