I'm not supposed to tell anyone!!

Deanna • Married to the love of my life 9/14/19!! Pregnant with our first beautiful baby 🥰

So the other day my so asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him either a ring or a baby. We were at the mall and right after I said that he forced me into Kay's to see what type of rings I liked. I found the most gorgeous ring ever for less than $1k. He told me he hadn't even asked my dad or brother for their permission to marry me and that was very important to him. Well last night when my family was getting ready to leave my dad said well come here Chris im gonna go ahead and give you a hug since you finally decided to ask me for permission to marry my daughter! I immediately broke down crying. He hasn't gotten the ring yet but I can't believe I found the man I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with!! He saved me out of a very mentally and physically abusive relationship and has treated me like a queen! I just can't wait to have my ring and say I do and start baby making!!!