16 f 19 m


i’m 16 and i have been talking to this boy 19 for iver a full year now. (he was 17 and I was 15) we have been neighbors for most of my childhood but were never friends because he was a mean kid. but then he started coming to church and completely changed his outlook on life, he became so much nicer and so sweet.

halloween of 2016 we started to talk meaning we would text and snapchat all the time and when we saw eachother never leave each others sides. i was only a sophomore and he was a senior at the time. we had a long off period from late january to june. in june we started to talk again. all the time. he would flirt with me all the time and always say the nicest things. he went off to college in late august to an aeronautical school in florida while i started my junior year of high school. We still remained in touch and still talked an awful lot. there was a pretty bad hurricane in his area in the middle of september so he came home for a week where we met up and hung out. we talked about everything from our futures to our relationship with god. he dropped me at my house and we went back to talked every now and than probabky about once a week. by this time i had extremely hard feeling for this boy. i imagines what life would be like if we dated i wondered how a long distance relationship would work, or even if we just waited, waited about 8 years for both of us to be out of school. last sunday i asked him. i asked him if he liked me or if i was just misinterpreting everything. turns out i was. he told me it wasn’t about me at all it was about the fact that we are in such different points in our life and are going in such different directions. anyways I still have feelings and i don’t think they will go away anytime soon. he wants to hang out soon bc he is home. should i????