I'm so proud of myself!!


so babes birthday is coming up and ive managed to get him the perfect gift!! I'm pretty proud of myself let me know what y'all think!

because every man needs a good watch! (more his style)

a cute way to say how long we've been together (I put that inside the watch box so as soon as he opens it that's all he sees)

His favorite candy! (bonus points maybe?!)

He looks great in ANYTHING!

1st is his candy

2nd is his shirt that we've managed to put into a tiny box 😂 how? no clue lol

and last but not least is his watch!

Will post an update on his reaction so stay tuned!!!


forgot to pick up a card while I was out..so I got a bit crafty

made an envelope out of the wrapping paper and put all 3 gifts into 1 box and then wrapped that box! 😂😂 maybe I'm having too much fun with this