36 TTC


Hello all!

I’m 36, closer to 37. I’m going to finish grad school this year and be an NP.

My husband is 30.

We have four boys from previous relationships and some of it is drama, but I can safely say that I finally have a man who doesn’t lie, cheat, choose drugs over me, manipulate, or have a hateful family I am subjected to.

We talked about ttc from the start, at least that we both wanted another shot at doing it right. Both of us have had to deal with really horrible exes with the kids. We have his all the time and mine part of the time.

I’m terrified that I’m too old. I know better but I am scared. My cycles are 28 days and right on track with positive OPK’s.

I just wanted some support because the last few months of trying seemed to be more stressful than anything. I’m in a 2 week wait as we speak. And I don’t want to over think it this time.

Nice to meet you all!