Annoyed by Partner


hey guys, first pregnancy and I wondered what everyone's opinion is. last night my partner and I got home after being around family (other half was hammered) . I get into bed and he comes out and says I'm going around my mates for a drink. I said no you're not. it's Christmas and you want to leave me on my own in the house when I haven't been able to drink (which I don't mind as it's worth ir). He says Its my last Christmas to have a proper drink and I want to have some fun. I was like well yeah it's my last Christmas on our own but we will have a baby which is better. He went and I locked him out. He then returned about 10 mins later and we haven't spoken to each other since as I am so angry about how selfish he is. He thinks he isnt and said I quote " it's not my fault you can't enjoy yourself". am I wrong for being upset and angry and he thinks I'm being stupid.