Paying rent at parents house

Mrs.JR • 🤓educator of children

Alright so, opinion on paying rent once you turn 18.

A few different opinions I have here. I personally never had to pay rent when I was living with my dad at any age. Even when I was doing drugs, partying all weekend or a time when I had no job, depressed staying in bed all day for months.

My friends on the other hand, their parents made them pay rent right when they turned 18. And in one case the two sister (twins) have 4 younger siblings and it’s loud and they have to wake up before 10 am even on days off and do chores and still pay rent one of them was in college and I think that’s crazy! Paying rent to not even have peace and quiet.

Personally I don’t think you should make your kid pay rent.

Now this opinion kinda counteracts that opinion but I also think that if you do charge your kid rent that you should put it into an account and give it to them when they move out to get them started in life and maybe even put a downpayment on a house. That’s what I’d do when my kids are older. Like as a surprise move out gift. Boom here’s 20 grand. I know my SO would probably pay their down payment but maybe get a nice car or something to have them motivated.