is this anything to be worried about?

I’m just wondering if anyone has advice for me. I’m really struggling with anxiety waiting for my baby to come! I’m

constantly hearing comments on how “high” I am still carrying and how it’s not good that I was only dilated a centimeter as of last week (@39+3 weeks). However, the doctor did say my cervix is very soft.

Also, this past few days I’ve really been having constant “menstrual” type cramping, back ache and just exhausted and irritable over all. I haven’t had any bloody show or anything yet that I’ve seen.

My questions are:

1. How do you not look at every new symptom as a sign of impending labor? I keep getting my hopes up and nothing :(

2. Is little dilation, no mucus plug loss, and/or carrying high still at 40 weeks something to really worry about, or did you have anything similar and then go into labor anyway?

Thanks in advance.