Pregnancy bleeding help!!!


I’m almost 5 weeks (still early I know). I had a miscarriage in late september , I just went to the bathroom and was bleeding. Just enough that it’s only on the paper. First wipe it was super light pink , second it was a darker red and a couple small small like clots. Just went again and it’s so light it’s practically gone. I already called my dr just waiting for a call back. Do y’all think I should be worried? I’m already in a panic of course Bc of the miscarriage.

Update : dr called back and said he didn’t think it was anything to concern him but to come in tomorrow to check cervix and redo blood work

Update 2: pregnancy hormone level from last week was low indicating im only 3 weeks which we thought I was 3:6 when I went. Well know bloodwork results tomorrow. Cervix was closed and she said it was a good sign but miscarriage could still be the case but if my levels have risen it’s a good thing. She prescribed me progesterone to help. She’s thinking that the bleeding is from having sex and the cervix just getting irritated. Though after removing the speculum I bled quite a bit.