Needing insight!

Hey there y'all. This is a little tmi probably but I want some feedback. My husband is a horn dog. We have been together 8 years, married 6. We have two kids. I am a stay at home mom. My husband works night shift so we don't have sex on the nights he works. However, on his days off, he expects sex every night. I do not have a very active sex drive. I am always so tired. He thinks since i don't have a paying job, I shouldn't be too tired for sex. Unless he works overtime, he gets sex 3 times a week. Sometimes, four. Is that good enough or am I being a bad wife? Also, I have been having trouble getting off during sex and he now feels I am not attracted to him anymore which is NOT true. I have anxiety and I stay stressed and it causes me not to get off. He has had to get me off using his fingers and a toy. I dont want him thinking its him. I told him I am just broken but I am not sure he believes that it isnt him. any tips on what to do? thanks in advance