5 days late no BFP or AF


I’m seriously going crazy! I keep testing and nothing. My periods are very regular 28-30 days long. I don’t have PCOS or anything that would make my cycle this long. Today (wed 27th) is my CD34.im using cheap test that I got from amazon to test, could I have a bad batch? Honestly the waiting is killing me, I keep searching stuff online. For instance I know that my cervix is high and soft right now with white creamy CM. But chrismass night it was high and very dry. And two days before it had the creamy white CM. My bbt has been decreasing as usual. My ovulation tests are showing two lines one faint one and the other solid control (does the faint one always show?) I’m seriously going crazy. But I didn’t start feeling this way under last night. So I doubt that it would of scared AF away lol. Any insight or words of encouragement are very welcome!