I don’t know what to do

So I need help or advice....I am a 32 year old women that is dating a 26 year old and he had kids from another women(which is fine) the problem is is that this other women thinks cause they have kids together that he should still do as she wants (no I don’t think so) so she dates these idiots and they treat her bad and when they do she wants him to come save her and the only reason he does it cause of the kids ( which I understand) she is always trying to be the damsel in distress and it gets annoying... she doesn’t work and she lives with friends or in a shelter ( which I don’t agree with)....she has been beaten by one of these guys like really bad and I felt so bad for her that I let her stay with us for a week cause I have a big heart... all went well but now I don’t know I get annoyed sometimes cause she needs to stop what she is doing and become independent and get in her own feet but I don’t think she will with everyone helping her as well as my boyfriend....I guess I don’t like it when everything is dropped for her with him for something that she could handle in her own. Am I over thinking? I mean anything for the baby’s but her using them to get what she wants? Again am I over thinking... I feel like she isn’t over him.