Help with ovulating!!


Hi! I am writing this post in need of some advice. My husband and I have been TTC for about 5 months now. I have been charting very consistently and taking OPK’s for the last 2 months. I did the first 3 but I wasn’t super consistent. However, now that I have been more consistent it seems that i actually have not been ovulating. I do get a positive OPK and a small temp spike but then it eventually drops or something happens to where FF takes away my Ovulation crosshairs. It seems that my body is trying to ovulate, but just doesn’t quite get there. This last month, I never got my period. However I know I am not pregnant (I have taken multiple tests). I am now on CD60. I was just reaching out to see if anyone has ever had anything similar or if anyone has any advice. I am considering making a doctor appointment but I have been told that doctors won’t do anything until after you have been trying for a year because that is the “Normal” range for a younger couple. My sister does have PCOS as well and had to do <a href="">IVF</a> for 2 of her 3 kids. Any suggestions on what to do/try or stories if you know anyone, of have went through, something similar would be appreciated! Thanks and BD to all! 😊