sudden death


to put this in perspective, my younger brother (5 yrs apart) is 15 and he is going to pass soon. We don't know for sure how long he has. He's recently lost his hearing and has been losing his eye sight for 7 years now so he is almost completely blind. We all know he is I'll and has been battling cancer for 6 yrs now despite all this he has taken the terms for worse. I love my brother and will miss him even though he's not gone yet it hurts and i worry about stupid little things like i know he can't hear so he won't be able to hear me tell him I love him or good bye when he goes and he can barely so so i worry about him being scared or feeling alone its really weird to think about and upsetting can anyone offer some way for me to move on with current event. To me it is not bad that he is going i will miss him but he will be free of pain so that is good its just the idea he won't be able to hear or see me on his way out.