I am pissed πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ή

*its a long story* so anyway there WAS this guy I liked, lets call him Liam so I really liked him and I thought he liked me because he always complimented me and always talked to me, until my 'friend' lets call her Lia, stepped in. she started talking shit about him calling him names, making him feel bad. I kept asking her to stop and she didnt.... so obivously after a period of time he will start thinking differently of me. Since Liam met Lia because of me, thats another story... so Lia was up here calling him names and he started saying ' youre probably like her' I obivously got offended and was like,

I started to get annoyed because he kept criticising me for being friends with her, I am thinking of unfriending Lia anyway because of what happens soon. I keep telling Lia to stop and apologizing for what Lia has done,

he keeps thinking I am a bitch, after that keeps going on Lia does the rudest things and calls him ' a little cunt' I started freaking out, I kept calling her, walking up and back the house. I apologized once again and Liam told me LIA CALLED HIM IT BECAUSE SHE WANTED HIM TO TAKE ME TO THE MOVIES..... I did not know about this and was surprised

Once again still calling her, she picks up and I ask ' why did you call him a little cunt' Lia's response ' because he is, he never takes you out, never responds to your texts, never listens and always one word answers... so he deserved it' My response 'HE DOESNT RESPOND BECAUSE OF YOU, HAVE YOU NOT SEEN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE' And she hung up * another story why he doesnt like me* Everyday on snapchat I send 'hey' or 'streaks' and he never EVER EVER responds, so I texted him saying ' doesnt feel nice to be left on read' and he left me on read.... so a few nights later I asked ' can I ask you something' his response 'yeh' so I bluntly said ' why do you never want to talk anymore what did I do' and he replied 'because when you told me you send 'hey and streaks' to everyone that means you dont want to talk to just me' so I said ' I say hey and streaks and to everyone and guess who I want to text back YOU' and he replied ' have you ever thought I am planning to go out with friends or something like that' And I just was annoyed so my response ' you cant be planning to go out everyday, the time I text you' and he didnt reply. so the next day to show im mad I didnt text and the day after that didnt text.... and this goes into the other story *to the other story* this next thing happened a few hours ago but I was at my friends, he actually unfriended me on instagram and snapchat... like how rude is that, you get annoyed when I text you but when I dont you unfriend me. LOGIC... my friend texted him ' why did you unfollow Loui on snapchat and Instagram??' ( my name is Louis but everyone calls me Loui) he seen it didnt reply so she texts again it was quite rude she didnt do anything wrong, seen it didnt reply, so she texts him again and THAT FUCK WIT BLOCKED HER..... So here I am pissed, in my room, needing to rant.... does anyone have anyway to help me cheer up??