I say no. family say yes. BULLYS

they're always trying to hurt me. I miscarried last year and all they do is laugh about it.● My dad and partners fault. i was 29 weeks, Christmas day was my turn to cook for 13 people alone. i did it. but fainted halfway through and broke lots of pans so my dad and partner took me outside for punishment. god it was awful!!! I still finished the meal while in labour miscarrying. partner has known my family from being young so gets on really well with them. he joins in and doesn't see a problem. they think I'm

making it up not being able to have kids because everyone else has. so if I get a negative they always say oh yeah it's positive to wind me up and upset me. pretending there's faint lines. they always take the Mick lick oh see you're not pregnant yet hahaha... ●●●SO PLZZ MAKE THIS POSITIVE SO THEY WILL LEAVE ME THE GELL ALONE AND STIP BULLYING ME.