Chances of Endometriosis?

Hi everyone,

My family history of endometriosis is that my mom had it, she also had ovarian cysts but had five children, including a miscarriage of twins. Of all us three sisters, we have heavy periods and experience cramps. I’m not positive of anyone else in the family having endometriosis or anything similar.

I wanted to ask what my chances are of having endometriosis? Or what you think they could be? I’m with an older partner, and I want to wait until I’m older to have children, but a family/child is definitely something I want to have once I’m a little older.

I’m terrified I might have it—talking with my gynecologist, the only way they can diagnose is if they actually surgically go in to check. Ultrasounds can’t pick up on endometriosis really. I have horrible cramps sometimes and a heavy period, but it’s not like it’s anything I can’t handle. This also only really happens when I’m ON my period. I just would really love to carry a baby in the future, and I want to see what your guys opinions are. Thank you.