Laparoscopy found no Endo?

I’m 22 and have had trouble for years with pain during sex. In the last few months this has got a lot worse, to the point I’ll be in tears with the pain sometimes continuing through the night afterwards.

As well as this pain, I often get a very bloated, hard tummy, that looks a few months pregnant. I also get back pain and bad periods.

After first going to the doctors over a year ago, I finally had a laparoscopy this week. I can’t remember everything the consultant said to me afterwards, other that he found no endometriosis (he was a general gynaecologist, not an Endo specialist).

I used to have a cyst on my right ovary which went away once I had the contraceptive implant removed. Before my surgery I was asked which side my cyst was on- and had to tell them it had since gone.

Before my lap I was told I would have 4 incisions, but woke up and only had 2 (one in my belly button and one on my left side).

Is it possible that Endo could have been missed? I’m at a loss of what to do because I don’t have another appointment with the consultant for nearly 4 months and can’t continue with this pain.

Is there any other routes I should explore (bowel/bladder related)?

Any advice would be really appreciated.