Mixed feelings


So before I start anywhere, I’m going to say that I’m 15, turning 16 not far from now. Ik that I have plenty time to grow and to really find that one guy who is my... well.. soulmate. When it comes to these types of things, especially relationships, I find that I’m a bit more on the mature side. However, because I am still growing, my harmones aren’t as mature as my mind. That’s why I am here, asking you guys for help.

So I’m going to say it point blank— I am 100% confused on my feelings over a guy.

I first ‘met’ this guy (we’ll say D) at a play that my best friend was in for our brother school. (I go to an all girl school so it’s not like I can see him every day) Something about him caught my eye and I kept looking at him. Not long after, he noticed and kept looking at me too when he was on stage. At the time me and this other guy (C) were talking but things weren’t really going anywhere, it was obvious. so I laid it down that in the end I just wanted to be friends. Well during that time where things were going down hill between C and I, i kept thing about D. I knew I liked him during this time.

Long story short, about a week and a half ago:

-D found out I thought he was cute.

- gave his # to my best friend so she could give it to me. In the end,

-she gave him my #

-he made the first move.

-we started texting quite a bit every day since then

-yesterday we went see a movie together -hung out in the mall a bit after.

-I was just a bit nervous/ confused around him as in “don’t mess it up! What should I say??? What to talk about? Think of something!!” I don’t think he noticed, thank god.

-ever since yesterday, I have no clue why, all of the sudden I just feel confused on if I like him or not.

He is kinda cute and a very sweet, polite guy. Everything I’m looking for. Yet now I’m confused if I like him? At times I feel I want a relationship with him then at other times I’m not so sure. I know I need to spend more time with him to figure this out, but there’s this other feeling about if I want to spend more time with him or not. Again, sometimes I do feel like I want to. Other times I don’t.

Any good advice y’all can give me?