Help!!!! HPV?


I think I may have HPV, I am freaking the fuck out rn. About 2 months ago I had a small bump appear on my upper inner thigh that looked and felt like an ingrown hair, and I squeezed it and thick yellow pus came out and it continued to drain small amounts of pus for several days, then it started to heal back but instead of shrinking and going away it formed a massive "keloid" type thing with a bubble feeling lump underneath. I figured it may have been because I squeezed it. But 2 weeks ago another one popped up!!!! Other inner thigh, painful and pus filled and it drained while in the shower and turned into a flat, round, raised bump with a bubble like thing under it. Also they both had flaky skin that continued to peel.

Anyone with HPV or warts experience, please tell me what it was like for you? If you think this may be HPV or if you ever had pus in warts. Please please help!