C section mommy’s plz read

Macy • 🏇🎤🎸🎣⚽️🔫🤰🐾

I’m 22 weeks pregnant today, I’m allergic to most types of freezing, so will be getting testing done the 25th to confirm whether or not I’m able to have an epidural. Whether I can or not, I’m not even so sure I want to, yes I want to be awake and experience my baby’s birth but I’m already so I. Love with this baby I don’t wanna risk him doing natural birth incase something goes wrong where I’d need an epidural and cannot get one. My thoughts with epidurals are heating that in some cases the baby’s heart drops, and I’m also a big baby myself toward needles. I’m really leaning towards a c section but I want this moment to be memorable for all of us, baby, daddy and I. If you’ve had a c section please comment below if it was by choice or not, and how you did decide on it. I’m just really looking for some real talk to help influence my decision