I'm not going to tell mom


And I was like "no?"

"Well he blocked everyone in the family and I can't figure out why so you add him and tell me what you see on his story"


So I add him and do the snooping. I am 22 and he is 19.

On his story, he's just at a party. People are drinking and smoking.. well from what I can tell. The room is so smoked up you can barely see. There's a bunch of people, loud music and red solo cups/ping Pong balls and a party table. I have never been into partying but im not an idiot. it doesn't show him doing any of that though, it's just him walking around but honestly? That's some normal ass 19 year old boy shit.

It's a big party lol. It looks like someone's parents left their house and someone invited every teenage/younger person in town.

He's walking around the party just talking and having fun.

Am I going to talk to him and make sure he's not being too much of an idiot? Yes.

Am I going to blab to our mom? No.

I'm just going to tell her that he's out with friends and cussing on his snap like a sailor which is not even a lie lmao.

He's legally an adult now so I mean 🤷‍♀️

You think I'm good not telling her?

He blocked everyone because he didn't want her to find out. IF she actually did find out she wouldn't be that mad. She wouldn't necessarily be happy but he wouldn't be in trouble. In her head he's probably snorting lines of coke or some crap on his snap chat or something. I have no clue.

In reality 10 minutes ago he's at IHOP with like 5 other guys. My only real concern would be drinking and driving.

I highly doubt he drank unless he has a death wish. He has a medical condition that causes him to be unable to process alcohol like a normal person. I texted him and he said he's sober. I believe it